Reliable Business IP Phone Service: The Gift that Keeps on Giving

Some say that to be successful in business you must be proactive in the journey towards growth. Sitting around and waiting for customers to come to you is just not going to cut it most of the time. This quest requires a lot from you, but the benefits you reap after will make it worth it.  Further, success comes to those who work hard to achieve it; it also comes to those who find ways to make it happen. What we want to do for you for this coming year is to teach you how business VoIP could be the next best gift you can give your business.

Now is the Right Time to Switch to Business VoIP

Switch to business VoIP now

Innovations and upgrades are essential for progress. Thus, you are closer to that goal if you are thinking of switching your current phone line to voice over IP for business. Internet phone systems for business are becoming more popular for a reason, don’t miss out on this rising trend and take advantage of some of the following basic business voip features that TruewayVoIP can provide to your business.

Your Business Deserves Only the Best Gifts


The voicemail feature is a godsend for many businesses. In the early and mid 2000’s, business phone system voicemail was usually an expensive add-on item that required additional hardware, but that is a thing of the past. Now any or even all phones can have voicemail. That is important because a company can’t simply run all-day and all-night. However, customer service shouldn’t stop so your business must think of ways to fill the gap. This VoIP feature allows firms to receive calls during downtime, and then convert those messages into emails. Now, you’ve found a more convenient way to keep up with the demands of reliable customer care.

Call Forwarding or Follow-Me

Receive messages from clients or colleagues even when you are physically away from your VoIP phone. With call forwarding or follow-me feature, your calls will be sent to your mobile device so you don’t miss out on important phone calls and updates. You can keep up with what’s happening even when you are out and about. Hence, you get mobility and flexibility rolled into one great feature.

DND (Do Not Disturb)

Have you ever been distracted or startled by a call in the middle of a very important client meeting? It probably disrupted your progress and stopped your momentum. When you receive a call but can’t attend to it at the moment, the DND feature can transfer the call directly to your voicemail, or paired with follow-me feature, to another person who can take the call instead. With the DND feature, you don’t need to experience such embarrassments, yet still get more done with ease.


Customers expect hassle-free service. Thus, clients need a easy to use product to help them meet their demands easily. If you want an easy-to-setup and easy-to-use business phone system, take advantage of the best VoIP service for business. You don’t need someone manning the phone lines 24/7. Most automated Business VoIP services also allow callers to record messages and convert them to email. Calls or voicemails will be routed automatically to the users that need to address them. At TruewayVoIP we design an easy to use system that fits your needs and schedule. No more manually forwarding calls, we like to use automated schedules or simple one button toggles so that your calls can be sent to one or multiple destinations of your choosing.

Get What Your Business Needs Now

VoIP for business

We know you are already bracing yourself for the challenges ahead now that 2018 is just around the corner. Give your company the gift of modern, dependable, and high-quality business VoIP solutions. Your current analog phone system installation might be good for now, but until you taste the benefits of a Business VoIP upgrade, you wouldn’t know what your team have been missing all this time. Don’t settle for good, when your business can have the best business phone service. Let our VoIP experts guide you through this exciting new chapter for your business.

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