How Often Should You Update Your Passwords?

Sometimes, accounts will ask you to update your passwords for security reasons. This often feels like an unnecessary task meant to make your life more complicated. However, in a world full of hackers and online predators, one must regularly update their password to protect valuable information. 

Change Your Passwords Regularly

By regularly changing your log-in information, you make it harder for someone to steal information. This is increasingly important for accounts without two-factor authentication. Communication accounts, like email, should also be updated every so often for increased protection.

But Don’t Change Them Too Often

Traditionally, experts recommended you change passwords every 30 to 60 days. This is no longer the case. Mandatory password updates lead to money loss and lack of productivity with minimal security payoff. Now, changing your password doesn’t hold near the protection it used to. Because cybercriminals continue to learn more advanced hardware and software, they can typically discover your password if they look hard enough. As humans, we tend to create patterns. This is no different in password creation. Typically, we use similar letters, numbers and themes when updating a password. Updating your password too often leads to confusion with little added benefit. 

passwords on phoneKeep Your Data Secure

As a rule of thumb, update a password when there is proof of some sort of security breach. This includes unauthorized use of an account or evidence of malware. By doing so, you’re preventing a hacker from gaining access into your personal accounts.

There are other ways to protect your data. Contact the experts at Trueway for more information about our cybersecurity services.

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