TruewayVoIP Shows Support for Texas Businesses after Harvey Disaster

In a report by Fortune, the government estimated the cost of damages left by Hurricane Harvey to hit up to $180 billion. With these huge losses, we marvel at our people’s strength to overcome the calamity’s aftermath. Further, we know that Texans need all the help they can get, so we hold out our hand to boost Texas relief efforts.

Texas relief from TruewayVoIP

Texas Relief is a Beacon of Hope for the Whole Country

Months have passed after the record-breaking Hurricane Harvey left a huge part of Texas in ruins. We hold strong with those who were affected and we put high value on our people’s resilience and optimistic spirit.

Lone Star State

We Want to Encourage Texas Businesses to Stand Proud

Our company, TruewayVoIP, takes pride as we watch fellow Texans recover despite the large amount of destruction that ensued. We are a family-owned phone service and phone systems company based in Willis, Texas. Since 2012, we have been providing customer-centric network and IP phone service around San Antonio, Corpus Christi, Dallas, Arlington, and Houston areas among many others.

support for texas companies

Moving with compassion, our company is doing what we can to provide support to other Texas businesses affected by the devastation and the massive floods. Hence, we want to support other companies in the best way we know, which is through providing topnotch phone service solutions for business.

TruewayVoIP Takes Part in Texas Relief

In order to help affected companies, we plan to help in the following ways:

  • Affected businesses may purchase our VoIP phone products at marked down prices.
  • To help businesses recover their communication lines faster, we offer equipment at customized payments plans
  • Texas businesses affected by the flood may avail of three months free phone service to the US.

Get the Word Out about these Great Deals

Spread the word of hope

We look forward to your cooperation to this initiative. Spread the word about our Texas Relief campaign, especially to those from the southern region where the hurricane hit hard. Please have them reach out to me by calling 844-454-8647 or sending an email to

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