VoIP: The ‘Trueway’ to Run Business Telecommunications Systems

VoIP: The ‘Trueway’ to Run Business Telecommunications Systems-Trueway VoIP Every business relies on communication to succeed. Because communication methods are only enhancing and changing, businesses are constantly seeking ways to cut telecommunications costs.

In today’s Internet-driven society, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephone systems provide many benefits to businesses that can cut overall costs while increasing productivity, providing more flexibility, better migration, and support.

• Mobility – With a VoIP phone system, the time wasted remembering codes to transfer calls is eliminated. VoIP phones offer businesses to opportunity to be on the-go without compromising company efficiency and reputable image–freedom is accessible as the business demands.

• Versatility – These phone systems allow multi-tasking with the most tech-savvy devices to increase business productivity. The innovative features available with VoIP systems, such as forwarding messages easily and accessing voicemail-to-text transcriptions, can be subtracted or added with ease–ultimately enabling a phone system that grows with a business.

• Efficient & Reliable – Features within VoIP phone systems are highly flexible and reliable. Through a quality device and managed router, local power outages and weather-related events cannot cease business productivity. Businesses can also e-fax their documents instead of waiting on a fax machine–providing enhanced efficiency.VoIP: The ‘Trueway’ to Run Business Telecommunications Systems-Trueway VoIP

• Low Cost – Instead of using telephone lines, all communication data using VoIP systems is sent over the IP network. IP networks not only guarantee quality of service from the telephone service provider’s network to the office network, but unlimited and local and long distance calls are cheaper overall.

Trueway VoIP systems manage enterprise-class voice, fax, text, mobile apps, call handling and BYOD capability equipped for improved business collaboration and efficiency. At Trueway, our all-in-one, subscription-based phone system is quickly becoming the most used system in the Montgomery and Harris counties.

Let us be your IT team for a ‘Trueway’ to run business telecommunications systems.

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