What to Do if Your Computer Crashes?

Even with all of the world’s latest technological advancements, computer failure still occurs. Before you lose all hope, and the large project you were working on, follow our guide when your computer crashes. 

Restart Your Computer

This may sound juvenile, or maybe even like a joke, but you should always try to restart your computer when it crashes. Sometimes your computer will run out of battery or overheat. If your computer seems warm, place it on a cool surface and wait until it reaches a normal temperature. If your computer still gives the dreaded screen of death, it’s time to move on to the next step.

Check for Back-Up

While you’re waiting for the diagnosis, see if you’ve backed up important files anywhere. If you forgot to download a recent file to the cloud or a USB, see if you sent the file, or an earlier version, in an email. This could save you hours of recreating a project you’ve already spent hours on.

Alert Your Supervisor of the Situation

When your computer crashes, immediately alert your supervisor. Make sure to tell them exactly what happened so they know your situation. By giving them an update on your progress, your boss is more likely to understanding of the situation. They may also be able to offer helpful advice to get you up and running sooner.  

Take a Moment to Relax

While computer failure can be frustrating, it is important to remain calm. Until you know what happened to your computer, you don’t know if all of your work is lost. Take a deep breath and try not to throw your desktop across the office. 

Contact a Professional

In the event you can’t fix your computer by yourself, give Trueway a call. We can help diagnose your computer’s issues and offer solutions, whether we’re able to fix your current computer or help you set up a new one. Contact us for more information.

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