3 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About VoIP

Voice over Internet Protocol is a phone service powered by internet rather than traditional methods. It works by translating analog audio signals into digital data and transmitting it over the internet. With lower rates and multifunctionality, VoIP appeals to businesses.

Affordabilityheadset on table VoIP

Compared to traditional phone service, VoIP can reduce phone service rates. Traditional phone service requires copper telephone line to transmit signals. These networks are costly to maintain. However, VoIP uses the internet for reliable and affordable communication. For example, international call rates are less expensive and most domestic calls are free. This system also allows users to access less-expensive or unavailable features associated with traditional telephone service.


VoIP offers many benefits to users. For example, it can be used to create a contact center including inbound and outbound calling, SMS text messaging, chat communications and video conferencing.

VoIP also makes it easier to work remotely. Since it is ran off internet, services are not limited to a single location like landline phone services. This allows for workflow to continue seamlessly on the road and in the office.

reliabilityperson making a conference call VoIP

With high-speed internet service, the system can be fairly reliable. In instances when the internet goes out, Trueway recommends having a backup power source to ensure internet connection at all times. Trueway hosts its VoIP phone system in the cloud. With no hardware to maintain and automatic updates, the system provides users peace of mind.

The professionals at Trueway offer all-inclusive IT support services to help companies determine the best way to implement VoIP in your office. Contact us today to make the change to VoIP and experience a modern way of communication.

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