5 Ways VoIP Saves Money

For businesses looking to upgrade their phone systems, VoIP offers better technology at affordable prices. Check out the 5 ways Trueway can help your company save money and generate more profit:


VoIP allows an individual added mobility, meaning they are not tied to a desk or location. As long as your location has an IP connection, you are not at risk of missing an important phone call. This system makes remote work more feasible by tying a phone number to an account and not a physical location.

Calling Fees

By using the internet instead of traditional landlines, VoIP keeps your company from paying long distance or interstate fees. In fact, international calls are also made at a cheaper cost than landlines. For businesses who interact with companies or customers around the world, VoIP can generate additional savings throughout the year.

Advanced Features

Unlike traditional phone lines, VoIP offers advanced features, giving customers a better value. Features like call routing, fax, text, mobile apps and auto-assistant allow for easier processes when trying to communicate with others. With other methods of communication, these featured must be purchased or installed.


Cloud hosting solves problems traditional hardware does not. Because everything is saved on the internet, VoIP eliminates hardware failure and other issues that might cause a company to lose revenue.


New versions of a system update automatically in the cloud. This means time isn’t lost waiting for an update to complete. Once an update finishes, new apps and features appear immediately for use.

Our cloud-installed systems are great for companies hoping for a multi-functional call and conferencing system. The experts at Trueway are ready to generate additional revenue by installing VoIP for your business. Contact us for more information.

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