Why You Need VoIP Before 2020

79% of American companies use Voice over Internet Protocol for business communications. And that number is steadily growing. VoIP allows a business to make calls over the internet, giving them flexibility. 


By replacing traditional landlines, most businesses experience smaller phone bills with VoIP. The technology lets you run resources more efficiently. This means a company’s calls, emails and web browsing are on the same connection. Additionally, long-distance and international calls cost less with VoIP than traditional phone lines. Businesses looking for additional saving they can allocate to different departments within their company should use VoIP technology.


Traditional landlines limit a company to one location. When businesses use an internet connection for their phones, they can reroute existing phone numbers quickly and cheaply if they decide to relocate. Additionally, this technology allows companies to embrace a remote workforce. As long as an employee has access to internet or wi-fi, they can work from any location.


It isn’t uncommon for phone lines to go down for extended periods of time. In fact, the average outage lasts eight hours. VoIP lets you reroute calls to another location if something unexpected happens. It also allows you to pre-set routing plans so the moment the phone system faults, it reroutes automatically.

VoIP telephoneBecome Tech-savvy Before the New Decade

In order to keep receiving business, you need to maintain your competitive edge. This means staying up-to-date with the latest business technology. It’s not too late to enter the new decade with VoIP. Contact us to schedule your installation before the end of the year.

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