The Benefits of VoIP Call Recording

Have you ever called a company for customer service, only to be met with a disclaimer alerting you that your call may be recorded for training purposes? VoIP call recording is a tool businesses can use to enhance internal and external communications. 

Active vs. Passive Recording

VoIP can record calls actively or passively. Passive recording monitors a network switch or gateway to record audio traffic in real-time. Although efficient, passive recording cannot capture peer-to-peer or off-site calls.

Active recording duplicates audio packets and redirects them to the recorder. This is made possible by making the recorder an active participant in the call. While active recording can monitor internal or remote calls, call quality may be affected since it adds another participant. 

Hardware vs. Software-only Recording

There are two possible ways to install VoIP call recording. For some businesses, it may make sense to install hardware that allows you to record calls. However, businesses who use hosted hosted VoIP solutions can turn on call recording through their online dashboard, if applicable. This does not require any hardware, but may incur additional costs if it is not supported by their current plan. 

Automatic vs. On-demand Recording

While some companies might want every call to be recorded, businesses can also choose for a certain phone call or phone line to be recorded. These calls are typically stored for a certain amount of time before being deleted. By discussing the call recording needs of a business with a professional IT management company, businesses can determine the best way to record calls.

two customer service employees using headsetsHow Can VoIP Call Recording be Useful?

Recording calls allow companies to motivate and train employees, specifically in customer service or sales departments. Employees can listen to their own calls for improvement or managers can review previous calls for performance reviews. VoIP call recording can also become necessary in highly regulated industries to ensure they are complying with the law. Finally, businesses can use call recording as a source of evidence in case of disputes. 

By installing VoIP call recording, businesses reduce the risk of lawsuits and improve customer satisfaction. To learn more about how call recording can help your business, contact our experts at Trueway. 

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