How to Upgrade Your Conference Room Technology

The conference room is where productivity occurs, and ideas come to life. Unfortunately, slow, inefficient conference room technology can halt productivity and steal precious time – and time is money!

Fortunately, TruewayVOIP offers a variety of telecommunications solutions tailored to all your business needs, such as the GAC2500.

The GAC2500

The GAC2500 is the ideal solution, as it delivers features and functionality not found in other business conferencing devices. Therefore, the GAC2500 can redefine the features, flexibility, and mobility made available.

This Android-based device offers a variety of features, such as full access to the Google Play Store to allow for conferencing with Skype, Google Hangouts, and more. The device supports up to 6 SIP accounts and Gigabit ports.

Traditional conference room technology limits its users. Meanwhile, the GAC2500 provides mobility. The device is Bluetooth capable and offers a 7-way conference bridge and a familiar Android interface delivered on a 4.3” touch screen.

At TruewayVOIP, our professionals specialize in telecommunications services and device installation. Therefore, TruewayVOIP wants to assist your business in upgrading its technology. Call us today and upgrade to efficiency with our GAC2500!


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