How VoIP Can Improve Customer Service

One often dreads calling a customer service phone line to receive help. It’s frustrating to be connected with someone who can’t help you, only to then be transferred multiple times to the correct party. From a business standpoint, installing VoIP can ease customer service frustrations, cut down on call times and improve customer satisfaction. 

Call Menus

Automated call menus can quickly connect a customer with the right department if programmed correctly. Call menus improve screening, routing and transitions to help create a smooth user experience. In some instances, VoIP can also confirm the identity of a caller by having them enter a pin number. 

Transfer Easily

VoIP improves customer service by allowing employees to easily transfer callers between departments. For example, a mid-size company with multiple locations in various communities needs to ensure their customers are reaching the correct office. Installing VoIP allows them to manage all telecommunications under one large phone system. Benefits include using four-digit dialing to transfer calls and avoiding long distance costs between offices.

Customer Service Representative using VoIP productCustomized VoIP Services

Unlike traditional landlines, VoIP gives businesses endless options for customization. Trueway recommends different strategies based on the goals of a company. For example, companies looking to maximize efficiency might use an auto attendant or dial-by-name directory to get customers to the right department. Businesses dedicated to creating strong relationships may want every incoming call be answered live, but need a system to quickly direct customers to the correct party.

Continued Technological Advancement

Since its creation, VoIP continues to make improvements to aid businesses improve their customer service experience. Trueway and its employees works with businesses looking to create a seamless customer service experience with advanced technology. Contact us for more information.

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