The ABCs of VoIP: Learning the Fundamentals of VoIP Solutions

The Internet is changing the way, business phone systems. Even though they are changing, they still remain vital in most companies’ day-to-day operations. The benefits of phone systems are still relevant and irreplaceable even in this day and age. The look and the way we use it may change, but a phone lines for business remains a key element in connecting people and in facilitating communication. Further, the birth of internet phones and VoIP solutions came as part of the advancement of internet technology.

Phone for business voip solutions

There are several reasons why businesses turn to VoIP. They love how VoIP is flexible, scalable and cost-efficient. As technology continues to improve and the internet continues to evolve, phone service providers are also using these developments to provide only the most advanced service to their loyal customers. Businesses that yearn for growth turn to phone providers who can deliver such outcome. This is the reason why leading businesses have already adopted Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) as their means of collaboration.

Learning The ABC’s of VoIP Solutions

Learn the basics of VoIP

First things first: What is VoIP?

VoIP, or voice over IP, is a method of communications transmission through an internet protocol (the means by how the Internet works). Voice is converted to digital data packets so it can be transmitted over a designated network and through the Internet.

In this article, we will inform you about the ABC’s of VoIP solutions. ABC is an acronym for Advantages, Basics and Challenges. Thus, we will discuss the following topics:

  • The benefits of availing products and services from trusted VoIP providers
  • How does VoIP solutions work
  • The common problems encountered and resolved by top VoIP service providers

Advantages of VoIP Solutions

Benefits to the team

Are you still on the fence about switching your current business phone service to Internet VoIP Phone systems? Once you read some of its most notable benefits below, surely, the decision to switch to VoIP will be much easier. In fact, a business who trusts VoIP enjoy the following benefits:

  • VoIP solutions are budget-friendly. No more per minute or per second charges for long-distance calls.
  • They are easier to set-up and maintain than its traditional analog counterpart.
  • IP phones can be portable so they can make calls wherever and whenever the phone has Internet.
  • VoIP phone service supports a wide range of call features.
  • VoIP phones systems are customizable and scalable according to the company’s needs.

Basics of VoIP Solutions

VoIP basics

How does Voice over IP work? Before adopting an innovation, you must fully understand how they are the better choice than your old options. Below is a quick rundown of the fundamentals of voice over telephony to justify why you should make the switch to a Texas VoIP solutions.

The main difference between analog-supported calls (public switched telephone network or PSTN) and VoIP telephony is call transmission. In the former, voice calls come as electronic signals thru phone lines to a switch board network hosted by the provider. With VoIP, voice becomes digital data before transmission thru an internet network. Further, in hosted VoIP solutions, calls are routed to and from an off-site server.

Analog phone lines only allow one call per circuit, so when one line is occupied, others must wait until the call is over to make another call. However, it’s inefficient and time-consuming. On the other hand, calls made via VoIP need no dedicated circuits. Thus, the network is free from such congestion or busy tones.

Challenges Resolved by Topnotch VoIP Solutions

Out with the old

You probably heard about VoIP or have tried to upgrade to VoIP solutions before but was let down by some low-quality provider. We understand how you might want to dodge that bullet. Maybe you sensed that they were not as professional as they claim to be. So how do you spot a legitimate VoIP service provider? Only top VoIP providers can resolve the following challenges in business communications:

Improves Quality

Most VoIP calls have better sound quality and connectivity than those placed on traditional landline/POTS lines. VoIP phones may come with HD audio microphones to support the codecs used in VoIP phones for a deeper and more robust sound payoff.


All you need is an internet connection to place a call. Before, in order to use your business phone line, you were required to make the call from inside your office or somewhere inside the company facility. Now with VoIP, businessmen and women can make remote calls using their smart phone or bring their portable desk IP phones outside the office, like their home of from a hotel.

Get Rid of Long-Distance

VoIP calls are cheaper than traditional calls. You can make as many calls to any point in the USA as you need without the burden of driving your phone bills to sky-high figures. You can now say goodbye to per-minute long-distance call charges.

Low-cost add-ons

Aside from premium phone services, with VoIP solutions you can get extra services for lower costs than with traditional phone services.

Upgrade with the Best Texas VoIP Solutions Provider

good deal

We have heard some clients complain that unreliable providers offer unfair terms, lack technical expertise, fail during inquiries, sound too good to be true, etc. Given these reasons, we understand your doubts towards VoIP solutions. However, you can find a VoIP provider in Texas with tried-and-tested VoIP solutions to save you from second guessing.

Our company, Trueway VoIP, offers a guarantee to clients to provide only the best products for the solution that fits your need, not our needs. We promise to work with you closely to assist you boost your company’s performance and workflows and assist your people by facilitating reliable communication network and practices. We do everything we can to make it easy for the end user, your employee, to communicate with your customers or internal office communications.

Trueway VoIP is a homegrown IP phone service provider. Topnotch VoIP solutions is just what we do. We believe that customers deserve the best quality telecommunications service, served in the most applicable and in the truest fashion. Give VoIP a try and let Trueway VoIP show you a world of wonders for you and your business.

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