VoIP Trends for 2020

VoIP Trends for 2020 - TruewayAs more businesses rely on VoIP service providers for their main communications, it’s important to know and follow the VoIP trends for the new year.

All businesses can take advantage of the VoIP industry shifts and maximize their investment in this technology. Here are a few VoIP trends we expect to skyrocket in the new year:

  1. 5G will go mainstream. Fast-paced businesses require a communication process that can keep up. The adoption of 5G networks is amongst the top VoIP trends, because they’re designed to enable faster communication speeds and response rates while eliminating call jitter during data transfer. 5G networks allow better mobile broadband connection, faster browsing speed, and increased network capacities.
  2. Mobile unified communication is on the rise. Mobility has transformed our day-to-day lives; from the way we shop to the way we communicate. From a business perspective, mobility has introduced new opportunities in terms of optimizing productivity and accommodating customers quickly. With the launch of 5G networks, the functionality of mobile VoIP systems is expected to increase.
  3. Increased adoption of VoIP in schools.Many schools are beginning to realize the value of VoIP in managing unified communications within its structure and with their customers (students and parents). Institutions can use them to enhance online learning, serve as a platform for class collaboration, and allow seminars to be done without having to meet physically.
  4. UCaas will grow. The future of modern communication infrastructures is cloud-based. Increased accessibility of the internet allows cloud phone systems to be a more cost-effective option for businesses. Through UCaas, businesses can focus on critical functions and have quick access to data, audio, and video. In addition, because everything is stored on the cloud, disaster recovery and business continuity are much easier.

For more information on how these VoIP trends could benefit your business or organization, contact the experts at Trueway today.

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